the long hot summer

It has been a long hot summer, which always seems to result in a degree of inertia and for various reasons I have blogged even less than usual.

But, in February 2019 I will be giving a talk to an inaugural conference in Norwich, UK. The aim of the conference is to bring together the different psycho dynamic and psychoanalytic counsellors and psychotherapists in the East Anglia region to form a network. I am very proud to have been asked to speak at this big day and will be talking about the purpose of psychotherapy and arguing that the purpose is psychological and emotional freedom.

As I write there is a course being rolled out in the USA which has been based entirely around my book, Everyday Life and the Unconscious Mind. It is a live stream course of 12 seminars taking place over the next few months and run by the International Psychotherapy Institute.

These are both very encouraging developments, and I am very pleased to see my book being used in this way.