I was talking with my clinical supervisor about individuation this week. The term refers to that tricky and never ending process of becoming the person you really are. It is so complex as it involves the degree to which one is identified with one’s parents, the freedom that we may or may not have to make our own minds up about what we think and how we see the world. It is influenced by emotional experiences that may have impacted upon us in different ways, leaving us feeling angry or happy, out for revenge or generous. In my opinion people who have what might be termed extremist views about the world and the people around them, are struggling with individuation in that they are trapped inside a wishful belief that everything would be fine if only we got rid of —– immigrants, or tax evaders, or criminals or something. I think this idea does express a wish for change, for freedom from an internal sense of oppression, of inequality, but i think what they really want is the freedom to think for themselves and they actually feel imprisoned by simple equations rather than having a way of thinking with curiosity and openness to ideas.

Thats what I think anyway, but I also think that this might sound horribly smug and if I am being smug I’m just a stuck as anyone and my own individuation process is far from complete.

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