The next book??

My interest now is in the nature of people’s relationship to food, in particular women’s relationship to food. I’d like to explore with women, what food means to them. I am interested in this because we have an obesity crisis and I wonder why it is so difficult for so many people to eat enough but not too much. I often eat more than I want or need and so I hope to understand more of my own relationship to food in the process of researching what this is all about for others.

I’d like to combine talking with women with walking and talking about eating patterns and emotional associations to eating and food, so I will be looking for women who might be interested in undertaking a series of walks with me in order to talk about how and why they overeat. I cannot travel too far to do this so they would need to be in the Colchester area and free to go for a walk on a Monday morning.

If anyone reading this is interested then feel free to email me and I can let you know more about the project.